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We're here to teach you about protecting yourself responsibly

What should you bring?

- Dress casually - long sleeves and pants will provide best protection from hot brass

- Driver's license

- Ballpoint pen

- Notebook or note paper

- Pistol, .32 caliber or larger (license not caliber specific; pistol rental also available)

- Minimum 50 rounds of factory ammunition

- Eye protection

- Ear/hearing protection

- Jacket in case of cold or inclement weather

- Water bottles, sunscreen, hat

- Practical shoes or boots (please, no sandals)

You'll learn from a firearms expert

Ed, the owner and instructor at E & T Training, is not only an experienced pistol instructor with extensive firearms experience, he's also a licensed Texas attorney and combat vet. Ed's knowledge of the law, combined with his combat experience allows him to give you a unique and practical perspective on the subject of lethal force engagements.

What can you expect to learn?

- Safe handling and storage of firearms

- Basic shooting skills

- Laws on concealed carry

- Use of force in defense of persons and property

- Selection of a personal firearm

- Non-violent dispute resolution

- Concealment tips and techniques

- Decision making under stress

What's the cost?

The training is $95 per person. A four-year license is $140, and can be made payable to the State of Texas. The cost of individuals over 60 years of age is $70 per person, while the cost for honorably discharged vets, regardless of age, is $25 per person.

Where will we meet?

The class location is at the JE Ranch on the south edge of beautiful Palo Duro Canyon, about 45 miles Southeast of Amarillo. A map will be mailed or email upon receipt of your deposit.