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You have an objective when you sign up for our firearms instructor course. We get to know you so we can tailor our instruction to cater to your needs. This allows us to ensure you meet all your objectives so you can get exactly what you want for your money.


Once you sign up for the course, you can expect full communication throughout the entire course. Get the most for your money when you learn from experienced instructor Ed Morris.

Texas License to Carry Class

Upcoming Class Date:  Feb 29, 2020  6 hrs   Course Fee:  $95   Fire 50 rds  

Texas Form LTC-100 received on completion.  Prerequisite:  Basic Pistol Class, or equivalent (basic handgun familiarity, safe handling, and shooting skill).  In addition, license fee of $40 is payable to State of Texas ($35 for age 60 and older).



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